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All accounts books maintaining service

Every business establishments must maintain a record of their daily business transactions to keep a track on their mode of operations. In short, Book of accounts are mandatory for all businesses, both small and big and also for individual ventures, to have an accurate financial information and record.

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Bookkeeping is a regular mode of recording financial transactions of a business in an accounting system and the making of reports. But several businesses might not have complete accounting departments or do not wish to invest time in maintaining the accounts. They prefer to look for external bookkeeping services, while themselves remain more focused on business expansion.
Again there are many businesses who want their accounts department to look after more advanced tasks like tax preparation, analysis of the budget, and farther investments.
With our team of dedicated accountants and bookkeepers help our client to maintain all their books of account and services.

Penalty, if failed to maintain Books of Accounts

There would be penalty issued against anyone who fails to keep and maintain the books of account and other documents as made mandatory under section 44AA or under Rule 6F, as per the rules stated above.
But if one can show reasonable justification which is also satisfactory to the Assessing Officer, such Penalty might not be imposed.

How Venture Support Helps?

We, at Venture Support with a combination of a team of experts, systematized methods and procedures and with an advantage of the latest accounting technology can ensure our clients that they would receive the best of services in preparing Books of Accounts. With our unique corporate strategy, we offer advice and help the businesses to lower their costs, maintain a competitive edge over the rest and nullify every risk.
By outsourcing your bookkeeping service with us you can focus more on improving your customer relationship while our professional team would look after your resources, costs, and endeavor.

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