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Partners in a business are responsible for running the business, smoothly. Any person more than the age of 18 years can be a Partner. The person to be added as a Partner must have a digital signature certificate and director identification number.
If you are above the age of 18, you can get a DIN easily, irrespective of nationality. Therefore, Indian Nationals, NRIs and Foreign Nationals can get a DIN and appointment as a Partner of company in India.
Venture Support is one of the best business services platform in India, providing a variety of services like company registration, income tax return filing, GST registration and more. Venture Support can help you appoint a partner in your company. Usually, the time taken is to file an appointment for Partner is about 10 - 15 working days, but is subjected to processing time and document submission.

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Duties and Rights of a Partner

General Duties

In a company, partners must be honest, faithful and must carry on the business for a common benefit.

Duty to reimburse

Every Partner has to reimburse (in a LLP) if there is any loss caused by fraud.

Rights of Partner

All Partners have the right to take part in the business and also have access to check and copy the book of accounts of the company.

Properties of the company

All property, interest, and rights in assets acquired or created with the money of the company belong to the company.

How Venture Support helps with adding a partner to company?

  • Free Consultation
  • Advisory

Adding a Partner to the company depends on the Partnership Agreement. Our legal experts will advise you with a procedure that suits your purpose, best.

  • Documentation

Once the procedure is decided, our Experts will look after the necessary documents for the process.

  • Filing

When the Filings are signed, our team will prepare and file the documents needed, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for registration of the addition of a new Partner.

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