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Attendance System & Support

Attendance system or tracking employee time records in an organization a critical factor which impacts the overall success of the business operations and other prospects of growth. Its cumbersome to keep a manual track for every employee, the in and out time; records of vacation or sick days, and which projects they are being spent on.
Though many of your employees are honest, there always some unscrupulous minds, who must be monitored and kept under constant scrutiny. These make you as an employer very cautious about any kind of deception or fraudulent practices that could dupe you.
Bad practices like punching for others, irregular shift timings, manipulated data entries and human errors are some of the hindrances that could cost your progress and effort. No worries, we at Venture Support look after the entire attendance system and offer support for the same.

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Attendance system

As the name says, attendance system keeps a track of employee routine, their time in and time out, working hours and vacation details. This helps an organization to easily put a check on time stealing or wastage did by opportunistic employees. Attendance system also ensures that some mandatory rules are being followed.

Why Venture Support?

  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Competitive business edge
  • Accessibility and satisfaction
  • Remove errors and save time

Our promise

Our dedicated team looks after the business structure of our client. We maintain shift timings, holidays, vacations, break-times, overtime and respective allowances and maintain it for you. And then provide them, as your requirement, it could be on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis or whenever you choose to see the detailed reports.
We maintain a high level of data confidentiality and maintain 100% of adherence to our commitment through the technology we use and our dedicated professionals.
With our knowledge and experience, you can always trust us.

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