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Book Of Accounts

Maintaining Book of Accounts is mandatory for every type of company and this includes account books, deeds, writings, documents, and registers either on paper or in a computerized format about company transactions.

All accounts books maintaining service

Keeping a well maintained, business’ account books all the time demands significant employee hours. Venture Support helps you take care of your accounting needs while you focusing on your core competencies.

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Maintain of your daily accounts

Getting your business requirements simplified. Know more about the daily maintenance of bookkeeping.

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Cash, Bank, Journal & Ledger

Keeping a track of your cash, records and payables are challenging. Learn the best ways to keep your transactions and records updated appropriately.

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Choosing the right payroll service provider is another wise decision making to simplify the tedious task of keeping employee records, their salary records, tax deduction, tax payment to the government, and much more.

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Gift Deed

This is a legal document which describes a voluntary transfer of property between the owner and the receiver without any monetary consideration.

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Sale Deed

A legal document mandatory for transferring ownership of property in exchange for a price paid or monetary consideration. This must be compulsorily registered.

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Rental Agreement

This is a legal document for binding tenant-landlord contract. These contracts are needed if you are a tenant, property manager, property owner, or an individual who wants to rent a part of physical assets like own home or a surrounding space owned.

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