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The digital team in Venture Support is teamed up with business analysts, web designers and developers. Starting from an automated website to an e-commerce platform. We ensure that at every stage you can provide the best user experience to keep your audience engaged. Our team can design as per your imaginations and expectations.

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What are our Web Development Specializations

Angular JS

  • Open source JavaScript Framework developed by Google
  • Angular brings together the best web components, patterns, and practices in a single framework
  • Angular is created with good testing and attention.
  • jQuery Library ensures several great web practices in making developments.

Mongo DB

  • Schema-free document-oriented open-source
  • It varies from key-value database
  • Has index support for best performance
  • Created for good speed and stores data which often uses Python, Ruby, Java etc.

Node Js

  • This is server-side JavaScript
  • Creates network programs that can be scaled
  • Index support for high performance
  • With C programming it can work best when you have to deal with the OS system and networking.

Ecommerce Platforms

A proper platform can bring good traffic and sales to your site. To get your business needs quantified we suggest the best gateway to your brand and market. Under our E-commerce web development, we create seamless CMS adhering to BI, 3rd party APIs, and marketing automation. We work on the following platforms:

  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • Magento 1 & 2
  • WooComemrce

Which web technology you will need?

After getting a gist about the technologies that we work with, we let you know which is the right kind of software platform for your portal, website or apps.
To make the right choice of web application development is essential. Server-side technologies can help all your data integration, components and UI that works for you, but handling it is expensive. We have various JS frameworks to meet your specific needs within your calculative expenditure.
At Venture Support, we look after such issues and offer the best solution to our clients.

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