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Change Company NameEnjoy convenience of company name change

Change Company Name

To change the name of the company is not a small matter and it has to be informed to the Registrar of Companies. With the incorporation of your company, you must be now aware of the rules necessary in selecting the company's name. Similar rules are applicable for changing the company name, as well. It has a well-defined procedure that has to be strictly followed. And if you have followed all the requirements of ROC, you need to do this too.

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Methods to change office address:

First, the board must pass a resolution with a new name for the company. This new name must align with the guidelines by ROC.

To make the process done, we shall ask for some documents, which would be required to get the approval from ROC. Once you get the approval from ROC, your company can get the new name.

Why Venture Support

We do the paperwork and documentation for several companies and LLPs every month with our dedicated team. join us and experience the convenience.

We make the process smooth and your interaction with government hassle-free by doing every paperwork for you. We also provide total transparency on the process so that you keep realistic expectations.

Our dedicated team of business advisors is available over the phone, to help you with your procedure queries. But we try to make an effort to keep things clear so that no doubts arise.

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