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Clinical Mate

Hospital Management System

  • Patient registration, Medical records
  • Medical practitioner, Fees.
  • Pathology laboratory
  • X-ray/USG/ECG
  • User login, Permission

Health Help/Clinical Mate is a better healthcare solution for the hospitals and doctors in providing service. Quality care, methods, and patient service. Improved productivity and competitive edge. The product is created with vb.net as front end, SQL Server Compact database as back end with crystal report.


  • Configuration for hospitals
  • Details about the doctors
  • Pathology, X-ray, USG, ECG Test List
  • List of medicines
  • Patient Registration (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Suggested tests for patients (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Answer to every patient query
  • Billing and deposits made
  • Record of discharge
  • Consultation charge and hospital bills
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Department of X-ray
  • Department of USG
  • Department of ECG
  • Grammatical corrections
  • User logins and permission
  • User records
  • Change of password, if any necessary

To know more about the product, BOOK a DEMO.

Report to expect

  • Information about patient
  • Test bill of patients
  • Others Bill: Hospital/Surgeon
  • Deposit slip of patient
  • Recommended test report
  • USG report
  • X-Ray report
  • ECG report
  • Doctors fees (date wise payment; date wise deposits; date wise income statement)
  • Discharge Report
  • Report on advised medicines
  • Operation records
  • Baby records

Who Needs It

  • Small to medium-sized health units
  • Clinics
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Doctors chambers
  • Pathology Departments
  • X-Ray Department
  • Ultrasound Department
  • ECG Department Etc.

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