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Online Individual Tax Filing

The individual tax return is a type of income tax return filed by an individual who earns a certain amount of income. It is mandatory for every taxpayer to file a return. Individual filers must file the returns based on specific categories by filling up respective forms.
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Individual Income Tax

Return (ITR) Filings

With each ITR serving an independent category of taxpayers, choose yours:


This is for an individual with income up to Rs 50 L from the following sources:

  • Salary or pension
  • One House Property(exception for cases where loss is forwarded from previous years)
  • Other Sources (Exception is, income from Lottery and Race Horses)

Venture Support offers this service at just Rs.500/-


This is for below individuals whose income includes:

  • Salary or pension
  • Capital gains
  • Property (house)
  • Foreign income

Venture Support offers this service at just Rs.1000/-


This is for individuals or *HUFs with income from partnership firms. This also includes them, who gets income from salary, house or property, capital gains, and other sources.

Venture Support offers this service at just Rs.2500/-


This is for individuals and HUFs opting for Presumptive Taxation Scheme. This is for individuals whose income includes:

  • A proprietorship firm
  • Profession
  • The deciding factors include a type of business, profit and loss, accounting information and property income.

Venture Support offers this service at just Rs.2500/-

*HUFs= Hindu Undivided Families

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