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Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement is a business agreement between different business entities to create a new entity by making contributions to equity. The parties decide on a joint regulation over the entity and as a result share revenues, assets and entity expenses so formed.
Joint Ventures could be for a specific project and the venture is mentioned as a Consortium, or it could be of the continuous form. When a legal entity is made new for a fixed purpose, this can be referred as an Incorporated Joint Venture as well.

What must the partners undertake?

  • Find eligible partners
  • To shortlist and prioritize partners
  • Due diligence
  • Foreign Investors

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Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture Agreement help various business entities to come together and set a mutual goal. The goal could be to get market exposure for product or service, to help make a product, or to set a large event.

When to use the Joint Venture Agreement document?

  • Your company and another want to increase chances of winning a bid.
  • You want a collaboration to reduce R&D costs.
  • Your and another company wants to come together and improve access to the market.

Joint Venture Agreements are an essential business tool and are used by all companies, big and small. This helps to lower risks and share costs and actually done to protect every party's ownership information.

Alternative names for this document:

Joint Undertaking, Co-Venture Agreement, JV Agreement, Joint Venture Contract

Joint Venture Agreements are short-term contracts

They are short-term contracts between the business entities with a common goal. For instance, you are an app making company, and you decide to combine with another company which can market your app. There are several advantages for companies which combine resources to attain the same goal.

What should be considered before you sign the agreement?

  • Reason of collaboration
  • If you have a combined name
  • Decide the principal place of business
  • How much investment to be made by the members
  • Each party interest
  • How to share the profits
  • Duties of each party
  • How to manage expenses

Though many of the contracts are generated by Venture Support, post submission of the above information, you must have knowledge about things that this document would cover.

Benefits of a Joint Venture

The benefits you can see in revenue, exposure to brands, resources, strategies, manufacturing and more.

Why Venture Support?

By outsourcing with us, you can focus more on other aspects of your business and collaboration, while our professional team would look after generating the agreement.

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