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VS eLRNNG App for eLearning and education

VS eLRNNG Learning Management System Mobile App

  • Courses can be accessed offline
  • Updates are notified
  • Woo commerce support
  • Course Index
  • List of instructors
  • Login page
  • Video player
  • Login & sync
  • Wish lists

VS eLRNNG LMS app is developed to make education easy and digital for students.
The Mobile app includes the REST API and OAuth Server developed in the VS eLRNNG learning management system.

Features :

  • Auto display of courses from VS eLRNNG LMS Site
  • Auto recognizes user logins from the site
  • Direct registration by students in the app and creation of their account in the site
  • Courses can be browsed in the app and subscribe to the courses
  • Students can register themselves with the free courses or pay through the website
  • Woo Commerce checkout system that supports multiple payment options
  • Track courses on App or website
  • Avail students courses in offline mode
  • App users are notified and updated by administrators
  • Users can be removed or made to force log out from the app by administrators
  • Wish list and blog feature in-app
  • Quiz includes patterns like MCQ, MCC, Fill the gap, Select drop, text answer type
  • Answer section
  • User page with Course and Quiz graphs

Upcoming features :

  • In-app purchase & Wallet system to buy courses
  • Integrated with AdMob and push notifications
  • Instructor App: to create courses
  • Compatible with Scorm Course
  • Integrated notes and discussions
  • Integrated with upload assignments
  • Course batches integration
  • Installation and Customization

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