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PF & ESI Consulting

PF & ESI impacts the capital, product, and service price. This also showcases the exemption from taxes and benefits. PF & ESI also affects the method of vendor selection.

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Why work on PF & ESI implementation?

PF & ESI Council has made some rates final, and they should be followed. PF & ESI started to migrate data of existing Taxpayers. There are fixed PF & ESI Law and essential rules for drafting.

What makes Venture Support, the best choice for PF & ESI Implementation?

With our dedicated team of experts in Taxation and has worked in every ERP platforms, we can help you with your every PF & ESI matters.

How does Venture Support help you?

  • We can assist you in PF & ESI Implementation process with our services:
  • We do impact analysis
  • Increase or reduction in working capital requires an account of Input Credit and Output tax which is again based on the type of industry type and business model.
  • We review the T&C of present agreements and make necessary suggestions if any changes are required, to get advantages under the PF & ESI Law.
  • Review PF & ESI impact on goods' price.
  • Advise on Tax planning scenarios.
  • Support while making transitions.
  • Advise on the service valuation as per PF & ESI provisions for PF & ESI payment.
  • Review filing of returns initially after PF & ESI implementation dates.

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