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What To Do If You Get An IT Notice?

Pankaj Saha - August 9,2018

Receiving a notice from Income tax department is something which is highly probable today, as notices are being triggered by the system automatically. However, there...

How can an Indian get married to a foreigner in India?

Vikram Shah - August 9,2018

“You don’t marry a person you can live with; you marry someone you cannot live without” James C. Dobson If the one you cannot live...

Conversion Of Residential Property To Commercial Property

Prathyusha Reddy - August 9,2018

In a recent case, Mumbai based doctor Deepika Khurana wanted to covert one of her room in the rental flat into a clinic. When...

What Is The Procedure Of Court Marriage In India?

Prathyusha Reddy - August 9,2018

What is meant by Court Marriage? In India, Court marriages are different from the traditional marriages. Court marriages take place in the court in the...

Procedure For Converting Agricultural Land To Non-agricultural Land

Prathyusha Reddy - August 9,2018

What is meant by Agricultural land? Agricultural land is generally defined as the portion of the land area that is under permanent pastures, crops or...

Procedure To File A Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

Prathyusha Reddy - August 9,2018

Are you someone who is disappointed with the decisions of government and the policies it is implementing? Do you think the decisions by the...

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