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ROC Filing Get your filing done, be worriless

ROC Filing

Every company incorporated in India must file some documents with the Registrar of Companies every year. Any failure with the rules can lead to penalties and fines for the person in charge or the Company or Directors. So it is very essential for the management of a company to be aware of it and comply with time.

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What are the occasions in which compliance with ROC is needed?

Below are mentioned events when ROC compliance is needed:

  • Variation in Authorized or Paid-up Capital of the Company
  • Allotment for new shares, transfer of shares or invitation to subscribe for shares
  • The issue of shares to Directors or employees of the Company
  • Investments in share or other securities
  • Change in composition of the Board of Directors
  • Appointment of Managing or full-time Directors
  • Starting a new business or Partnership
  • Change in memorandum and articles of association
  • Merging of a company with another company
  • The shift of the company's registered office from one place to other
  • Appointment or change of the Auditors of the Company

Form MGT-7

The annual return of a company has information about the company at the end of the financial year.
The annual return or Form MGT-7 gives the following information:

  • Details regarding company's registered office, main business activities, particulars, subsidiary and associate companies
  • Share, debentures, securities and shareholding pattern
  • Indebtedness
  • Members and debenture-holders and all the changes since the end of the last financial year
  • Directors and main managerial people and with changes since the close of the last financial year
  • Remuneration of Directors and main managerial personnel
  • A penalty forced on a company, its Directors or Officers, and details of appeals done against such penalty
  • Matters related to certification of compliances
  • Company's shareholding pattern and many such matters are needed in the form

Form AOC-4

Every company has to file its financial statements and necessary attachments using Form AOC-4 every year. If the financial statements are not adopted in an Annual General Meeting then financial statements which are un-adopted must be filed within a month of the date of AGM. If the company adopts financial statements, then they must be filed within a month of the AGM. If a company has to revise the financial statement, then revised financial statements can be filed using the Form AOC-4, as well.

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