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Sale deed

A sale deed is an essential document needed during property transactions. It is a legal document to witness the property sale between the buyer and the seller. This also happens to be a proof that the buyer is the only owner of the property. The agreement between the seller and the buyer must cover the terms on which the sale will happen and the date when the sale will be completed.

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What is a Sale Deed?

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What is a Sale Deed?

Once you have made your choice, you need the agreement to be prepared. You must not underestimate the document, because this involves huge sum and the actual property deals. The agreement between the buyer and the seller must be detailed with the terms on which the sale takes place, the conditions, and the date when the sale will be completed. Sale Deed is a much-needed document required once the final possession is given.

Advantages of a Sale Deed

Protects the parties from ambiguities and minimize any legal risks.

Defines the area in details like the square foot and the exact location.

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At Venture Support, we can give all your documentation requirements within four working days. And if you want some edits, we can take just a few more days to accomplish the same.

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Our dedicated team of legal advisors is available over the phone, to help you with your procedure queries. But we try to make an effort to keep things clear so that no doubts arise.

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