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Egenius : School Management System

A software to smartly run your school

This is a contemporary and a complete school automation software designed to suite almost every educational institution starting from student admission to student leaving the institution, keep records about fees to exam results. It comes with over 25 modules and 8 in-built users panels, namely Prime Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent and Student.


  • A growing School ERP
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Excellent customer support
  • Awesome smart features

What makes Egenius #1 Rated School Management ERP

  • Student Form for Admission
  • Best Fees Collection Module
  • Flexible Exam Module
  • Attendance With Just A Click
  • Excellent Features In Parent Panel To Monitor Students
  • Everything to Track In Your Institution
  • Modern, Manageable And Under Friendly Interface
  • Result Oriented Features for maximum ROI
  • Developed By Professionals For Excellent Performance
  • In Safe Hands Customer Friendly Dedicated Team For Technical Support

Key Features

  • Front CMS module
  • Menus
  • Media Manager
  • Event, Gallery, News Pages
  • Banner Images
  • HR with Payroll module
  • Staff Directory
  • Enable or disable staff
  • Staff Attendance and report
  • Payroll and Report
  • Approve Leave Request
  • Apply Leave and Leave Type
  • Department and Designation
  • Front Office with module for Admission Enquiry
  • Admission Query with Status and Follow Up
  • Visitor Book and Phone Call Log
  • Postal Dispatch and Receive
  • Added Complain
  • Setup Front Office
  • ACL based Roles and Permission module
  • Roles and Allot Permissions on Roles
  • Certificate and ID Card Print module
  • Student Certificate and Generate Certificate
  • Student ID Card
  • Homework module, Homework and Homework Evaluation Report
  • Calendar with To-Do List module
  • Calendar Event
  • Task for To-DO List
  • File based Languages
  • Student Timeline
  • Login with last logout page
  • Character count in Email/SMS send message box
  • Sibling feature in student edit
  • Carry forward of Fees for next session
  • Auto Backup using Cron
  • New navigation panel for students in same class
  • Percentage column in student's attendance report
  • UTF-8 support for csv file
  • Online payment option
  • Allocates Class Teacher
  • Teacher Restriction Mode
  • Student History and Guardian Information
  • Student Transport Report
  • Student Hostel Report
  • Student House, Information(Blood group, height, weight), Father, Mother, Guardian photo in student profile
  • Allotment of hostel in student admission
  • Necessary filed red * mark in the forms
  • Sorting in student page for attendance
  • Download Center in Parent Panel

No More Wait

The Big Thing Is Here

Sophisticated Designed and Smartly Developed school management system for Best User Experience

Egenius is a management system created to auto manage every kind of academic institutions like Schools, Colleges and Training Centers. A multiuser entity with 8 kind of user accounts.

  • Prime Admin
  • Admin
  • Trainer
  • Accountant
  • Student
  • Parent
  • Receptionist
  • Librarian


Prime Admin

Complete control with all features


Manage daily activities, with most of the features


Manage front office tasks


Management of all books, from issue to return


Academic updates of child and communication


Collaborate with academic activities like exams, marks, routine, communication with teacher


Manage student fees and all related monetary matters at one place


Student management and looks after academic activities

Key Features

Student Admission

The student admission form has over 40 records for students which includes, details of previous school.
Addition of siblings of students, RTE, IDs and several documents to maintain complete student profile.

Promotion of Students

Students are promotes to next academic session, based on pass/fail and to continue or leave the school.

Fees Collection

Most feasible fees collection module. Includes fees types, fees groups, fine, due date, many more.

Discount on Fees

Develop fees discount for staff child, discount for sibling, admission discount, etc.

Allotment for Fess/ Discount

Allotment on over 5 different criteria. Fees allocation on complete class-section or one student

Collect Fees

A page that has details of students fees

Add Siblings

Allows to add any number of siblings at time of admission of student. Parent can check records of all children at one account

Find Students

Search by any keyword like class/ scetion , name, admission number, father's name, ID number

Student Categories

Based on various criteria like caste, skills, abilities, etc.

Profile System

Edit as your need


Records expenses like electricity bill, telephone bill, miscellaneous bill

Student Attendance

Manage attendance smartly. Get attendance report, monthly based or according to class/section


Manages everything from start of exam to exam schedule and entry of marks in progress report with grades.

Exam Schedule

Schedule exams with beginning/end, time, exam room, full marks, cut off marks

Marks register

Carries students marks with attendance.


Marks are added with ranges and grades

Class & Section

Adds class and sections, no number restrictions.


Add subjects with subject code and select whether theory/practical

Assign subjects

Assign subject and teacher for the subject

Class Timetable

Create timetable with subject , period start and end time with class room number; for the week.

Download center

Manage contents that can be downloaded for students and teachers like syllabus, tasks, study materials, etc.

Manage Library

Complete management of library from issue to return of books.

Add books

Manage books with every details like ISBN, author, publisher, price, etc.

Book Issue/Return

Add members, student/teacher and book issue/return


Manage school vehicle, routes and driver information

Vehicle routes

Transport routes managed with information about vehicle and driver


Manage hostel rooms and types


Messages are sent to students, teachers and parents through notices.

Student Report

Get report of a student based on gender, class/section & RTE

Fees Statement

Get report for student fees statement

Balance Fees Report

Get balance fees report for class/section on fees paid, discounts and balance fees

Attendance Report

Get attendance report monthly based and class/section wise

Exam Report

Get exam wise class/section report with grades, percentage and result

General settings

To add school name, address, school code, academic session, etc.

Academic Session

Create as many academic sessions you want


With multiple SMS gateways like Clickatell, Twilio, and custom SMS for integration of any http based SMS gateway

Email center

Use smtp or sendmail email engines for sending notifications

Payment Gateways

Add PayPal account details for online payment by parents

Backup & Restore

Create a database for backup and restore anytime online


Smart School supports 73 languages globally

RTL (Right to Left)

RTL support for Arabian languages

Informative Dashboard

With graphs and key figures, your dashboard is beautiful and informative

Parent supervision

Parent can supervise their children activities with one login

Free updates

Regular updates are free to download

Responsive User Interface

All kinds of devices are covered with ease

Data Export

Export report in multiple formats,e.g. PDF, Excel, CSV, Print and copy

6 User Rules with 6 varied Profiles

6 User's roles Admin, Trainer, Accountant, Student, Parent and Librarian for respective functions

Internal Messages

Admin can send messages directly to teacher, parent and student

Print Records

Take print of every records


Attach and download study materials

Chart & Graph analysis in Fees

Chart & graph representation for fees and expenses

Manage Exam Marks

Manage exam marks for every student

Genuine UI

Well designed UI in HTML, CSS3


To trace fees and expenses of students

Codeigniter Built

Built on latest version of Codeigniter 3 PHP framework

Developer Support

This is for customization of code

Easy Customization

Easy tailoring with Codeigniter framework and best practices in coding.

Best Quality & Support

Best quality service with dedicated support

Egenius Support

To manage students and the resources are critical aspects for every school. Egenius is your perfect assistance in managing everything in an ordered way:

  • Now with Egenius , it is easier for student admission with powerful student admission form and over 40 records which includes previous school details.
  • Search for student with various keywords.
  • Student profile has 360° student record which includes admission, contact, fees, exam and other documents.
  • Promotion of students to next academic session based on results and continue or leave school.
  • Arrange students based on class-section depending on various criteria like caste, skills, etc.
  • This has advanced mechanism for fees collection ad generates various fees reports.
  • Manage other expenses student wise with uploaded receipt.
  • Manage attendance smartly with few clicks. Attendance report is generated, monthly wise or class/section wise.
  • Complete exam management from creation of exam schedule to marks entry to generate report with grades.
  • Manages classes, subjects, teachers and designs class timetable.
  • Manage content that can be downloaded for students and teachers, e.g. syllabus, tasks, study material etc.
  • Complete management of library.
  • Manages school transport, routes, details of driver.
  • Manages school hostel, hostel rooms and types of room.
  • Send notification to students, parent and teachers.
  • One place for reports based on students, fees, transactions, balance fees, attendance and examination.

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