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Trade License

A Trade License is a certificate granted by the municipality which grants permission to a company for doing a trade or running a business. And to attain the license, a business must comply with some rules and regulations laid down by the corporation and safety authorities of the state.
The application must be sent a month prior to starting the business to a Commissioner in the Corporation. What you need to submit, are some necessary documents.

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Types of Trade License

There are 3 types of trade licenses based on the trade or business they wish to carry out.

Shop license

This license is a must for anyone who wants to start a shop.

Industrial license

This is needed for a company which wants to open a small or mid-sized industrial unit.

Food establishment license

If you are planning to get into the food and beverage industry, you will need this license. The license is needed to start cafes, restaurants, meat shops and bakeries.

Who can apply for Trade License

Anyone except those who are below the age of 18 or have criminal records.

What are the documents needed?

  • Form 353 completely filled
  • Letter of consent from owner or neighbor
  • City survey map of your property
  • Tax receipts
  • Blueprint of premise if your business deals with explosives, timber, and dangerous goods.

Other documents are asked by the Ward Officer during the registration process.

What documents are needed or renewal?

In India, renewal of trade license takes place between January 1st to March 1st. You will need the following documents:

  • Original trade license
  • All tax receipts, with updated payments
  • Past payment
  • Challans

Other documents are asked by the Ward Officer during the registration process.

What is the procedure for registration?

Once you decide the type of trade license you need, you have to completely fill, form 353 with all necessary details and submit all the documents to the ward office of your local municipality.
If needed you might have to give some additional detail. Once all the details are verified and found satisfactory, you will be issued the Trade License.
The validity of a trade license is for a year and it takes about 2-3 weeks to get one. Your trade license will be sent through courier.
It is mandatory to have a trade license; on failing you will be penalized.

FAQs on Trade License

Yes, your license must be renewed every year. Failing can lead to a penalty.
Yes, you will need a trade license irrespective of your business type.
You need to submit a petition to the Standing Committee (Health) with a copy of the denial letter.

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